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Modernize your vending machines

Kimp has designed refurbishment kits to give a new look to your machines

Give new life to your equipment​

Your equipment is well maintained, only their appearance makes them “old”.​

Improve your consumers experience

​Our touch screens and optimized software make your dispensers more user-friendly for your consumers.

Increase your margins

​A reduced investment compared to new equivalent dispensers.

Go upmarket​

without investing in expensive new equipment​

Quick and simple installation

between 20 and 60 minutes, coffee included and no need for weird tools...

Endless customization

Differentiate yourself with a visual that reflects your company, your customers or your suppliers

You know your machines by heart !

Because you need to be efficient and fast in the field, the machine programming remains the same. You don't lose your bearings

​Personalized support

We support you in implementing our solutions and provide you with a set of sales supports for your sales teams. We can contact your suppliers to personalize your interfaces.

Our models

A very complete range to go back in time for all of your machines



Astro Full & Slim 

Venezia & Spazio

Kikko & Kikko Max






Astro, Kikko, Kikko Max, Venezia

Des sur-portes complètes

Astro, Spazio, Canto

Des modèles slim moins chers et plus rapides à installer

Opéra, Concerto & Astro

Nos nouveaux modèles WOOD pour encore plus de différenciation


& fully customizable